GreenGST, a product by Moglix, is a one stop-shop for meeting all your GST compliance needs. We extend our expertise in e-commerce, manufacturing and supply chain to solve problems related to digitization of supply chain as well as making it GST Complaint.

Who are we ?

We are a bunch of young and passionate individuals who strongly believe in the potential of India’s Digital Transformation. If pedigree is a measure of potential, then we take pride in our education from IIT/IIM/ISB etc., the institutes of international repute. As a team, we strike a healthy balance of professional experience from technology as well as manufacturing organizations like Google, Amazon, Snapdeal, TATA Steel, ITC etc. What binds us together is our belief to disrupt and simplify at the same time. For the first time India is going to be one nation with one tax, we at GreenGST are proud to be a part of it.



Minds behind the scene working hard for you.

Rahul Garg

CEO & Founder

Joyjeet Maity

Business Operations

Mohit Gulyani

Operations and Business Development

Partha Dash

Business Operations

Manish Gupta

Operations and Project Management

Piyush Malviya

Operations and Business Development

Pankaj Kumar


Jigyasa Kishor

Marketing and Business Development



Finance and Operations

Mukul Gupta

 Operations and Supply Chain

What we do?

Allow us to take you through all the issues you might face while filing GST and how the eco-system of GreenGST combined with Moglix provides an unique solution.

1st issue is that you have to deal with multiple non-compliant suppliers. Hence, your input tax credit will be affected. Also, embargo on working with non compliant vendors can affect production.Moglix offers Indirect procurement and vendor consolidation to relieve you from dealing with multiple small vendors, while still getting to choose the best option.

2nd issue is the need for amendment and reconciliation of invoices before filing GSTR. The amendment in invoices and reconciliation needs to happen in the procurement system to avoid confusion. Moglix’s Procure to Pay solution helps you track all invoices and helps you reconcile them real-time even before GSTR filing.

3rd issue is related to Monitoring and filing GSTR of multiple plants and warehouses across states and countries. Multiple locations of warehouses/ import export dynamics/ and multiple production sites can create complication in GST filing. GreenGST is a product for GST compliance that is made for managing multiple plants and warehouses across states and countries.


Test your GST readiness with this fun and interactive checklist!