What is a GreenGST Filling Center?

A facility to small traders who do not have digital knowledge in handling GST procedures and formalities electronically.

The Filling Centre shall be responsible for the digitization and uploading of the forms or documents including summary sheet duly signed by the Authorized Signatory. After uploading the data on common portal using the ID and Password of Filling Center, a print-out of acknowledgement will be taken and signed by the FC and handed over to the taxable person for his records. The FC will scan and upload the summary sheet duly signed by the Authorized Signatory.

Who can run GreenGST FC ?




Requirements of GreenGST FC Centre ?

Office Space measuring a minimum of 100 sq. ft. and equipped with at least two counter seats for service and 4-5 waiting seats.

Two Pentium Class – IV PCs with Colour Monitors and Min. 1 GB RAM, USB Ports, Floppy Disk Drive, and CD Writer.

A desk-jet or laser printer.

A flatbed scanner (above 600 DPI).

Broadband Internet connectivity or higher.

Dependable Power Supply arrangements including UPS.

Fax and Phone facility.

At least one trained staff person who can operate the systems.

The Computer system should be equipped with the following software:

a. Windows 2000 / Windows XP

b. Web browser IE 6.0 or above, Netscape 6.2 & above

c. Adobe Reader V.7.0.5

d. Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

e. PDF Converter and Anti-virus Software.

f. HDD 80 GB or more g. MS Excel 2003 or above

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