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GST Rates – One Stop Reference List

The GST rates across 1211 goods (across 98 categories) were first announced by the GST council on 18th May 2017 and on 19th May 2017 the council reconvened to announce rates across 36 categories of Services. On 3rd June 2017, the council reconvened to announce rates for the remaining goods such as Textiles, Biscuits, Gems and Jewelry, Footwear, Agri machinery, Silk and Jute etc and on 11th June 2017 in the 16th GST council meet tax levels of 66 items were reduced.

The 5 tax slabs recommended by GST council are: 0% (Tax exempt), 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. Currently, more than 81% of goods and services are taxed at 18% or lesser, while only 19% of the items attract 28% taxes.

As per the 22nd Council meeting of GST panel on 6th October, 2017, various recommendations were put up to reduce tax slabs on 26 Goods and Services. Here are the reduced GST slab rates on various items –

 Goods/ServicePresent GST RateRecommended GST Rate
Duty Credit Scrips5%NIL
Sliced/Dried Mangoes12%5%
Khakra & Plain Chapati/Roti12%5%
Unbranded Namkeen12%5%
Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy medicines (Unbranded)12%5%
Real Zari12%5%
Paper waste or scrap12%5%
Poster Colour28%18%
Modelling Paste28%18%
All stones except Marble & Granite28%18%
Plain Shaft Bearings 848328%18%
Diesel Engine Parts28%18%
Parts of power driven pumps28%18%
Fittings for loose-leaf binders/files, letter clips, letter corners, paper clips, indexing tags and similar office artiles28%18%
Hard Rubber Waste28%5%
Food preparations put up in unit containers18%5%
Biomass briquettes18%5%
Plastic Waste18%5%
Rubber Waste18%5%
Cullet or other waste scrap of Glass18%5%
Sewing Thread (Manmade Filament)18%12%
Artificial filament yarn18%12%
Sewing Thread (Manmade Filament of Staple Fibres)18%12%
Yarn of manmade staple fibres18%12%
All synthetic filament yarn18%12%

Shown below are the GST rate slabs for all the Goods and services previously proposed by the GST council.

gst rates

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